Our Team

Our Team

Joe Malmborg

Financial Advisor

"If it's worth doing, it's worth doing well"

"You come much closer to meeting your goals when you set the goals in the first place"

"Pay yourself first, and save more than your highest bill per month."

Growing up in a conservative, middle-class family, I heard many of these quotes from  my parents during conversations at Sunday dinner. I didn't realize (at the time) that these were great concepts to live by. I wish I could say I realized right away what some of these quotes actually  meant, but it wasn't until I had a family  of my own that I understood. One day, as I repositioned  money  in  my  savings  account  to  cover my  automatic investment  plans, it suddenly occurred to me that I was paying myself first-and saving more than I paid out in my highest bills! So guess what I find myself telling my kids? That's right, I may have turned into my parents.

Not only have I instilled a goal-setting tradition on my family of four, I have also brought this to our firm. Your goals, and planning to achieve them, form the basis for our work with our clients. Now, numbers  have always come easily to me, and that is probably  why I got my college degree in Mathematics. But I understand  that many people find numbers confusing, or intimidating. One of the things that I love about my work is explaining financial concepts simply, in a consultative  way, so that the numbers have meaning to our clients… (Did I mention that I also taught math to high school students?)

Our process empowers  our clients to feel comfortable with both the numbers and the decisions they face. The meeting is relaxed and the financial  planning concepts are discussed before implementing strategies. It is also highly likely that the topic of food will come up. Being a "foodie",   I do  enjoy  talking about  food  as  much  as  consuming it.  Almost!  I've  aptly augmented a childhood  quote from, "If it is worth doing, it is worth doing well."  to, "If it is worth doing, it is worth doing it with food."  So don't be surprised if our meeting entails tuna steak or scallops.

Food is often followed  up with family, or is it the other way around? I enjoy spending time with my wife of 25 years, Maria, and our children, Kimberly and Joey. We are very familiar with the college planning process, as Kim has recently graduated  from college and Joey is starting his junior year. It seemed a lot to save at the time, but I am glad I planned for college when  the  kids  were  young.  Those monthly   529  plan  deposits  didn't  cover  all  of  their schooling but eased the burden significantly. Ask me any questions about the FAFSA forms and I could probably answer from first-hand experience.

From banking to financial planning, I have been in the financial service business for over 30 years. In addition  to my Mathematics degree from Westfield State University, I am an investment Advisor Representative with Commonwealth Financial Network, an independent broker/dealer. Along with holding securities registration Series 7 and 65, I am also licensed in life and long-term care. I gained this additional expertise because planning concerns surrounding health and longevity of life are paramount to a sound financial plan and legacy. Just look around at how long people are living nowadays, and you'll understand why we seek to provide additional peace of mind and protection when implementing your plan.

While I once thought I would be teaching Math as a profession, I have far more enjoyment and satisfaction helping people understand the numbers behind their financial independence. I invite you to call us, and share your story-and perhaps see how easily we can make your numbers work for you.

Jean Kelley

Financial Advisor

Money was tight when Jean  Kelley was growing up, and she learned early on  the importance of financial education and planning.  When she was young, Jean's family found ways to  have fun that didn't involve money, and Jean  has fond memories of weekly picnics and camping trips with  her  parents and four siblings. But,  as  she  grew   older, Jean  began  to   understand  her   family's  financial limitations, and realized that if she wanted anything, she would need to earn the money herself.  As a result, Jean started working young, first babysitting, then delivering newspapers, then working at a local  McDonald's while in  high  school.

Jean's parents married young, and had 5 children to care for.  Her  father worked hard to provide for the  family, and Jean (as the oldest)  had a lot of responsibility as the  big sister. Jean remembers that as each child graduated high school, they were   required to  pay  a nominal amount of  rent, to  teach the  kids a lesson in financial responsibility. Later, when each child married, their parents returned the saved money to them as a gift.  Jean's father was able to retire at age  55,  and Jean  learned (somewhat to  her   surprise) that her   father had understood the importance of regular savings, building a nest egg a little bit  at a time.

Married for almost 40 years to her husband, Robert, the  Kelley's live in Westfield. Robert is the  Contract Coordinator for the  Big E in West Springfield, his employer for over  45 years.  Their daughter, Katelyn, is a licensed realtor in  Boulder, CO, a  place  Jean   enjoys  visiting.    Like   her    mother,  Kate    learned  financial responsibility early on;  she worked while going to  school, was disciplined, paid her  bills  on  time and built her savings. The  result was that at the age of 25,  Kate purchased  her   own   condo, and  as  a  self-employed individual, Kate   takes advantage of available tax  opportunities.

When not  at work, Jean enjoys spending time at her   home near the  shore in Rhode Island, as well as their new  home in  Southwest Florida. She likes to play golf,  even if she's not  very  good  at it.   Traveling with  friends ranks high on  her list  of activities. Jean and Bob  frequently dine out and enjoy trying new  places; if you  have any suggestions, she'd love  to  hear them.   Jean has been an active volunteer at  the Springfield Rescue Mission, having worked in  their clothing shelter,  cooking and  serving in  the   kitchen,  packaging meals for  delivery to homebound and serving meals to  the  homeless around the holidays.  She has worked for  the   Make-A-Wish Foundation  as a Wish   Maker, helping children's wishes come true.  In addition, Jean has participated in  Commonwealth's Cares Programs.

In  2001, Jean earned her  CFM  (Certified Financial  Manager) certification from Merrill Lynch.  She has been recognized for  outstanding services to investors in Hampshire County and for her financial expertise and dedication to principles of sound investing.  She holds all  required securities licenses as an Investment Advisor Representative  of Commonwealth Financial  Network.  In  addition, she holds her life and health insurance  licenses.  Jean  has also been recognized as a Winner's Circle advisor in  2013 and 2014 - a distinction based on  annual production attained by just 26  percent of advisors affiliated with Commonwealth Financial Network.

Caring about people makes servicing her  clients easy. Jean wants her  clients to be comfortable working with her  and with the decisions they need to make. Jean stresses to  her   clients, "Wealth isn't  defined by  portfolio performance alone; wealth is defined by what's important to you." Knowing what's important to  her clients is what helps Jean  craft individual solutions, and it's probably why  so many clients refer her  to their family and friends.

Caitlin Trites

Relationship Manager

Caitlin, a lifelong resident of the Pioneer Valley comes to Kelley & Malmborg with over 10 years of banking and financial services experience.  Caitlin’s positive attitude, attention to detail and sincere desire to create a unique client service experience make her a great fit for the firm and our clients.  Caitlin’s primary responsibilities as a Relationship Manager will be managing the day to day service needs of our clients.

When she isn’t delivering concierge service to our clients, Caitlin is the proud mother to Quinn and loving wife to her husband Chase.  When time allows, Caitlin enjoys hiking area trails, dining in her favorite local eateries and sipping some of the finest coffee the valley has to offer.  Please reach out to Caitlin for any of your service needs…………or a great coffee recommendation.